1-off Pagani Huayra Pearl revealed

I make no bones about the Pagani Huayra being my favourite car in the whole entire world. It’s not the fastest car there is right now, or even the prettiest. But it is the most exquisite – exquisitely designed, exquisitely detailed and exquisitely made.

It is, in other words, deeply special. But the Huayra you see here is just a bit more special than the others. It’s called the Pagani Huayra Pearl and it is a complete one-off, slotting into the occasional ‘1 of 1’ series of bespoke tailored Paganis built for well-liked customers.

Little information has been officially released so all we’ve really got to go on are these images, but they clearly show some unique details. Like the split rear wing, reminiscent of that on the old Zonda S. And the air snorkel poking out over the roof, which we saw recently on the swivel-eyed Huayra BC. And the new front splitter.

The translucent ‘paint’ is a Pagani trademark, in this case a shimmering purpley blue, while the interior features bronze-tinted carbonfibre and (probably real) silver detailing.

There are some suggestions the chassis has been upgraded, too, which would also point to some engine mods – the extra aero and air scoop would surely be there for a purpose?

As for the price, who knows? The Huayra’s base price is £800,000 and it’s perfectly possible to more than double that with the usual options list. Going this far off-book will have taken some serious wedge.

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