1-off rugby-inspired Rolls-Royce Wraith created

It’s that time of the month again, when Rolls-Royce shows off the latest work of its Bespoke Design department.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the Rugby World Cup is currently going on here in the UK. So it’s entirely appropriate that this Rolls-Royce Wraith is themed around the game.

Perhaps because it was an internal project rather than a customer commission, the grandly titled ‘Wraith – History of Rugby’ is rather restrained – though they do try to steer customers away from their more questionable ideas, some of the cars that come out of the Bespoke department are a bit, erm, sudden.

Anyway, the Rugby Wraith is liveried in a simple shade of English White, with a green coachline and red rose motif. That motif recurs on the headrests and is inlaid into the piano black dashboard trim.

The interior is equally muted, trimmed in Seashell upholstery with Navy Blue contrasts and Hotspur Red detailing. The same leather has been used to make a limited run of rugby balls – by Gilbert, one of the best makers in the world – with the rose motif and Rolls-Royce emblem embroidered on the panels. All very lovely.

Though it wasn’t a commission, you can guarantee this car has already been sold to a suitably well-heeled rugby fan.

Incidentally, every time I write about a Bespoke Rolls, I wonder what I would commission in the highly unlikely event I was ever able to afford to do so. And I think I’ve finally decided. I would have my Rolls – a Wraith – themed to match the WallyPower boat I would also buy. What theme would you choose? Let us know via Twitter and Facebook.

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