£1,200 for 275bhp Ford Focus ST upgrade

If the Ford Focus ST lacks anything, it’s power. It may be one of the most entertaining hot hatches to drive, but against the 275bhp Renaultsport Megane, 280bhp SEAT Leon Cupra and 306bhp Honda Civic Type R, it’s definitely outgunned.

But worry not, fast Ford fans, because official tuner Mountune has been busy with the spanners devising an upgrade package which liberates a useful chunk of extra power.

The Mountune MP275 pack includes a large capacity intercooler, crossover duct, big air filter and recalibrated engine management computer. That takes the 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine’s power output from 247bhp to 271bhp (275PS). There’s an extra 48lb/ft of torque too, the total now standing at a meaty 295lb/ft.

Ford hasn’t said what the extra power does for the performance, but bear in mind the standard car does 0-62mph in 6.5secs and tops out at 154mph.

All this for the relatively paltry price of £1,195 (plus VAT). Add the £22,495 price of a base spec Focus ST and you’ll be spending around £24,000. Which really isn’t much. And, because the kit is fitted by the dealer (in two hours), the car keeps its warranty.

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