This may simply look like an incompetent making a monumental mess of parking a Porsche Cayenne in a garage. But spot the deranged front wheel and you’ll realise there’s another, rather thick layer of stupidity here.

According to CTV, a 16-year old from Vancouver took his mum’s car for a joyride while she was out of the country. That’s bad enough, but not having a driving license rather compounds the offence.

Then he crashed into a parked car – hence the broken front wheel – and fled the scene. It seems his foolproof plan was to simply hide the car in the garage at home, where his inability to park was captured on camera. At this point, the extra damage he did to the car scraping against the opening probably wasn’t too much of a concern.

Inevitably, the law caught up with him and Vancouver Police Department has charged him with hit and run and driving without due care. It seems those charges carry a much stiffer penalty than driving without a license, which is all he would have faced had he stayed at the scene of the crash. VPD admitted this video made finding the miscreant much easier.

The mother’s reaction has not been reported…

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