Anyone who’s ever seen Ken Block’s Gymkhana series knows how extravagant the production of the videos can be. I don’t know the exact number but I wouldn’t be surprised if production for a single Gymkhana video costs somewhere in the millions. Obviously, YouTubechannel Car Bros doesn’t have that kind of money so when they decided to try their luck and create their own Gymkhana video, they had to make do with what they had, including a 1987 Honda Civic taking the place of Block’s high-powered Ford performance cars.

The result is “Gympkhana: A #Viral Car #Action Video” that takes everything we love about Gymkhana and translates it into a low-cut, low-budget parody. The video starts off on the wrong foot when the car escapes its chains by leaving the exhaust behind and then bursting through a badly misspelled “Car Bors” banner. From there, the video devolves into a cheap, albeit hilarious imitation of Gymkhana, right down to the gratuitous slow-mo of the car hitting a shallow puddle and the smoke-less donut around a man and his elliptical machine. It even manages to find room for a showdown with a remote-controlled car, a gimmick that has also appeared in the actual Gymkhana videos.

Gympkhana is meant to poke fun at the ever-increasing production value of Gymkhana and on that end, Car Bros did it masterfully by showing all of us that you don’t need fancy locations or insane props to get your Gymkhana juices on. That said, it might be better to use a car that’s more apt to the occasion than an almost 30-year old Civic, but for the sheer fun of it, Gympkhana is as entertaining – and actually funny! – a version as Block’s own high-caliber production.

Check out the video and have fun watching it. Well done, Car Bro

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