2016 Ram 3500 truck is a torque monster

Pick-up trucks are an American obsession. The best-selling pick-up – usually the Ford F150 – always outsells the best-selling car by a big margin.

It’s not hard to see why. America was built on pioneering spirit and the pick-up is essentially a modern day covered wagon. A vehicle with space for the family and all your worldly possessions.

Kings of the pick-up hill are the heavy-duty behemoths. In double cab form they still have enough space for the family, but they have the carrying capacity to take your house with you, rather than just the contents.

The latest challenger is this, the 2016 Ram 3500. Big, innit? At it’s biggest nearly 22 feet long, eight-and-a-half feet wide and six-and-a-half feet tall. But those aren’t the biggest numbers involved, as Ram has gone record-chasing.

The Ram 3500’s Cummins-sourced, 6.7-litre, six-cylinder turbo diesel engine produces an astonishing 900lb/ft of torque, more than any competitor. That’s roughly the same amount of twist as the Earth generates spinning on its axis. Possibly.

Why does the Ram need so much shove? To claim another, heavily disputed record: best-in class towing capacity. It was actually the subject of a legal case between Ram and Ford recently. Ford claimed its F450 had the best towing capacity, but Ram claimed it wasn’t a true heavy-duty truck, just a modified light truck. Like it matters. Anyway, the judge ruled in Ram’s favour.

Whatever. Ram has now settled the matter by beating the Ford’s towing capacity by all of ten pounds at 31,210 pounds. That’s over 14,000kg. By European standards, that makes it a lorry. Incidentally, that capacity is made possible by a modified back axle, held together with 16 bolts and made from a new material. Granite, probably.

If you don’t need that ultimately towing ability, the standard Ram 3500 can still tow 8,000kg and carry 3,300kg in the bed. Which still makes it a lorry. Albeit a lorry with room for five that can be specced up like a luxury saloon.

Ram’s bragging rights won’t last for long, though. Ford is due to launch its next-generation Super Duty truck before the end of the year which almost certainly snatch the records back.

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