22nd Century Mini concept is all about sharing

Car ownership is already difficult in overcrowded and expensive cities; within the next 100 years it may well be all-but impossible. But you’ll probably still need a car from time to time, so car sharing is likely to become big business.

Those shared cars could just be bland white-and-grey pods, but Mini thinks they don’t have to be. No, it imagines a future in which you summon a Mini that arrives fully customised to your preferences, including the information it displays and the graphics on the body. And when the journey’s over, it trundles off to the next person, fully configured to their requirements.

Mini also imagines that, in this future, the car would be plugged into your digital existence and know exactly where the meeting you’re going to is without being told, where you like to go based on your search history, and even co-ordinate your social life with other people who do the same things.

This is the future the Mini Vision Next 100 concept you see here lays out. Personally, I think it all sounds a bit dystopian, but you will at least be able to drive in this future. The car would of course have full autonomous driving capability, but there are still pedals and steering wheel so the passenger could take whenever they want. Mini promises it would be a fun steer, too.

Clever packaging allows a lot of space to be crammed into a package not much bigger than the original Mini. Some sort of as-yet-not-invented zero-emissions powertrain provides propulsion; as there’s no engine, the front is almost entirely glass, giving an amazing view out and advanced safety measures mean the cabin can be stretched right towards the front. Only a minimalist dashboard ‘frame’ gets in the way.

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