400hp Fiesta ST for SEMA show

Ford Fiesta ST by DSport: 14 powertrain upgrades highlight the vast reworking of one of the best hot hatches on the market right now. The Fiesta ST is no slacker but DSport having given this one a thorough rework that can have this Fiesta ST running with the bigger, premium hot hatches on the market. The 1.6L EcoBoost engine in this produces 400hp or even more at high boost levels. DSport mean business as this Fiesta ST will be restricted to 300hp and raced in the Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car class.

Ford are seeing a continued growth around their ST performance cars in North America and with a staggering 50 Fords going on display at SEMA it is a perfect opportunity for even more attention to be lavished on the STs.

With this in mind Ford are continuing their steady reveals pre-SEMA. Last week we saw the eight Mustangs heading to SEMA and now Ford have revealed the six tuned ST hot hatches that will also be on display this week when the show kicks off on Tuesday.

Going on display will be four Ford Focus STs and two Ford Fiesta STs, all incredibly set apart from their normal ST variants.

The headline act has to be the Ford Fiesta ST by DSport. It’s a 400hp pocket rocket which is set to enter the Pirelli World Challenge touring car class (at a slightly tamer restricted 300 hp to fit within the regulations). The D is DSport clearly stands for delirious.

The DSport Fiesta ST features 14 powertrain upgrades that takes the 1.6L EcoBoost engine to “north of 400hp at high boost levels”.

Upgrades include a new turbo manifold, a new turbo, new exhaust, front-mount intercooler and aluminum intercooler pipes. The list goes on and on with multiple chassis upgrades including independent adjustable coilover suspension, rear anti-roll bar, 12.2 inch front brakes and 11.8 inch rear brakes.

The DSport Fiesta ST also sports a set of Pirelli P-Zero Racing Slicks tires.

That’s just one of the six super hot STs heading to SEMA. Take a scroll through the gallery for summaries of all six STs that will de on display this week.

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