400hp VW Golf pair was built by apprentices

Every year Volkswagen lets its apprentices loose to create a car or two for the massive Worthersee show in Austria. This year, two teams were given a VW Golf each, that have been turned into the sort of modded powerhouse you’d expect a group of ultra-keen apprentices with the full resources of the VW Group at their fingertips to create.

First up, and looking like its come straight from a TCR race, is the Golf GTi Aurora. The engine has been tuned up to 380hp, massive wheelarch extensions have been added and there’s that massive rear wing.

Inside, there’s just the two front seats as, in the back, there’s 3,500 watts of stereo. And a multi-media entertainment system built into the tailgate. The passenger gets a tablet controller for the stereo and they follow vehicle data in real time. Extra displays showing various readings from the engine and such have been added to the centre console for the driver, as well.

Next, we have the Golf FighteR estate. As the name suggests, it started as a Golf R. Now it has a 400hp engine and wide ‘arches that add six whole centimetres to its width. Inside, the interior has been retrimmed in leather and alcantara, all the way from the dashboard to the boot, and there’s the inevitable pounding stereo.

The centrepiece, though, is on the roof – a 360-degree camera that records the FighteR scorching around a race track. There’s a light bar on the roof, as well, which will be put use when the FighteR is pressed into service as the safety car at the Sachsenring race track.

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By Graham King

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