4WD Honda CR-V isn’t very 4WD

The definition of four-wheel-drive is that power is sent to all four wheels. If you live somewhere snowy, like Sweden, it’s a useful thing to have, keeping you on the straight and narrow when the road turns white and slippy.

So it helps if the 4WD car you’ve just bought works as advertised. Swedish car magazine Teknikens VarldĀ has discovery that the latest 4WD Honda CR-V doesn’t.

Attempting to pull away uphill on a simulated slippery surface, the front wheels spin away uselessly as the back wheels stay put, getting no power at all. By contrast, the Ford Kuga performs perfectly.

The magazine carried out the same test in 2013 with similar results. Honda rectified that issue with a software update. It said the improvements had been over to the new car, but clearly not.

It’s a shame, because otherwise the CR-V is a good car…

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