£500k super yacht-friendly BAC Mono planned

Sports car maker BAC have found the niche of all niches, devising the BAC Mono Marine Edition, a single-seater, road-going track car adapted to be craned onto a yacht.

The 580kg Mono has been updated for the 2016 model with a new 305bhp, 2.5-litre Mountune engine. The Marine Edition has been fitted with various corrosion-resistant components, but that is only the start.

It comes with a carbonfibre crane arm, compatible with any yacht crane system, that lifts the car on board. Lifting points are built into the chassis to attach the arm. The points can be use to lash it to the deck, as well.

Once craned onto the yacht – into the tender garage, probably – the Mono can be stored inside an ‘Environmental Control Container System’, essentially a climate-controlled box to guard against the salty sea air.

BAC co-founder Ian Briggs said: “I started my career designing luxury yachts and I have wanted to combine my love marine and automotive design ever since. The Marine Edition Mono represents purpose and style for a clientele that knows no compromise.”

Or budget constraints. For this toy to end all toys costs an eye-watering £500,000, well over five times the cost of a standard Mono. But even half a million quid is just a drop in the ocean (ha!) to the handful of people that will buy a Mono Marine Edition. The vessels it will be loaded onto cost almost that much per foot. That means the space the Mono occupies costs several million by itself.

BAC recently opened a new factory in Liverpool, with a capacity of four cars per month, to meet increasing demand from around the world.

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