6-door Audi A8 L limo is a one-off – for now

Here’s proof that car manufacturers will go to literally any lengths to keep their customers happy. If that customer has already bought about a gazillion cars from them and is absolutely loaded.

In typically matter-of-fact fashion, Audi call this one-off limo the A8 L extended. It was built at the behest of a single customer and took nearly a year to build.

An extra 1.1-metres of metal have been added to the A8’s wheelbase to accommodate the extra pair of doors and seats, making the car’s total length 6.36 metres (almost 21 feet). It’s a proper job too, Audi’s engineers grafting new aluminium extrusions into the space frame chassis, along with lots of extra bracing. According to Audi, it hasn’t lost much rigidity over a standard A8 L.

Impressive though the engineering is, a limo is all about the interior and the Audi A8 L extended has an extremely luxurious one. Row two passengers have plenty of room and fully adjustable seats, while the plutocrats in row three get the toppest of top-of-the-range entertainment systems and a cool box housed in the full-length centre console.

Power comes from a 3.0 TFSi engine, making 306bhp and 325lb/ft of torque connected to quattro four-wheel-drive. The running gear is unchanged, apart from brakes lifted from the S8, the better to cope with the limo’s 2.4-tonne weight.

Of course, Audi hasn’t revealed how much the A8 L extended has cost its owner, but has noted “further requests” have been made. It probably won’t become a catalogue model any time soon, but the similar Mercedes S-Class Pullman could use a rival…

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