• Man driving car

    The History of Citroen Comfort Episode 1: Driving Comfort

    The Citroën Advanced Comfort programme is based on four pillars: Driving comfort, Travelling comfort, Comfort of use and Comfort of the mind. All four pillars have concrete examples throughout the history of the brand, so let’s rediscover Citroën comfort in four individual episodes. Today, Episode 1, Driving Comfort. DRIVING COMFORT: FEELING LIKE YOU’RE IN A […] More

  • Citroen C3 'car yoga'

    Citroen unveil ‘car yoga’. Honest!

    FANCY doing ‘The Ham Sandwich’ and ‘Driver Warrior’? Wondering what the heck they both are? Yes so was I when Citroen announced this today. Apparently these are all Yoga positions to celebrate International Yoga Day. To celebrate this Citroen have teamed up with the internationally renowned Yoga teacher, Michael James Wong, to create five unique […] More