• Vauxhall VXR8 GTS-R

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 12: The VXR8 GTS-R

    After 117 years of automotive diversity, we reach Vauxhall’s 12th decade as Britain’s oldest surviving car and commercial brand. No company better represents the long and varied history of Britain’s car industry. Now part of Groupe PSA, Vauxhall continues to manufacturer cars and vans in the UK, and will be at the forefront of the […] More

  • Vauxhall VXR220

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 11: The VXR220

    Embracing Vauxhall’s centenary year (1903), we now reach the 21st century in Vauxhall’s Decade-a-Day series, and see a concerted effort by the company to return to its sporting roots with the launch of the VXR brand. And the first model off the start line? The VXR220. VAUXHALL VXR220 It’s not often that one of our […] More

  • Vauxhall Lotus Carlton

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 10: The Lotus Carlton

    Few cars have created so much controversy as Vauxhall’s 10th Decade-a-Day offering. The Lotus Carlton – celebrating its 30th anniversary this year – was a gift from heaven for the tabloids’ headline writers, and even prompted debate in the Commons. But beyond the press furore was a car with impeccable credentials – and one with […] More

  • Vauxhall Astra GTE

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 9: The Astra GTE MK.1

    Vauxhall’s 9th Decade-a-Day entry is reserved for its first official hot-hatch, the Astra Mk1 GTE, which spawned an almost continuous line of fast Astras, ending with the last-generation, 280hp VXR. VAUXHALL ASTRA GTE MK.1 The Astra GTE Mk. 1 marked Vauxhall’s first foray in to the relatively new ‘hot hatch’ segment, which had been dominated by […] More

  • A 1975 Vauxhall Firenza HPF Droop Snoot racing round corner on mountain road

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 8: The Firenza HP ‘Droopsnoot’

    Vauxhall’s eighth Decade-a-Day chapter focuses on the short-lived, but utterly memorable Firenza HP ‘Droopsnoot’. A ground-breaker for Vauxhall in so many ways, it became the flag-bearer for the company’s motorsport aspirations during the Seventies, fulfilled with the help of two motorsport legends: Bill Blydenstein and Gerry Marshall. In fact, we couldn’t resist this rather rough-edged, […] More

  • Vauxhall XRV Concept

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 7: The XRV Concept

    Number 7 in our Decade-a-Day series is a product from what was, for 20 years, the UK’s leading design facility: Vauxhall’s Design & Engineering Centre. The XVR was so nearly a production reality, but Opel’s GT – a similar design and concept – failed commercially, which gave Vauxhall cold feet. And since the XVR is […] More

  • PA Velox

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 6: The PA Velox/Cresta and Bedford CA Panel Van

    Part 6 of Vauxhall’s Decade-a-Day reaches our half way point, and recognises not only the heavy design influence from our then US parent, but also the growing importance of Bedford – Vauxhall’s commercial vehicle division – to the business. So, we have two vehicles for your delectation today: the PA Velox/Cresta, and the Bedford CA […] More

  • Churchill inspecting tank with soldier

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 5: The A22 Infantry ‘Churchill’ Tank

    Part 5 of Vauxhall’s Decade-a-Day series shows how, when faced with a national crisis – and in this case, the Second World War – the company could turn its hand to manufacturing almost anything. Even a tank… VAUXHALL’S A22 INFANTRY ‘CHURCHILL’ TANK Today, we see how engineering innovation and adaptability can be key to saving […] More

  • Vauxhall’s H-type ‘Ten-Four’

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 4: The H-Type Ten-Four

    Part 4 of Vauxhall’s Decade-a-Day series focuses on an inoffensive-looking pre-war model that introduced technology to mainstream buyers that we now take for granted. VAUXHALL H-TYPE TEN-FOUR In 1937, Vauxhall’s H-type ‘Ten-Four’ model turned the booming 10hp (RAC rating) market on its head. It was the first British unitary construction car, and the first mainstream […] More

  • Vauxhall 30-98

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 3: The 30-98

    In Part 3 of Vauxhall’s Decade-a-Day series, we turn our attention to Britain’s very first catalogued 100mph car, the truly iconic Vauxhall 30-98. VAUXHALL 30-98 Built in series from 1919 to 1927, the 30-98 was, in its day, the fastest catalogued production car in Great Britain, with a factory-warranted top speed of 100mph when fitted […] More

  • Vauxhall C-10 Prince Henry

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 2: The C-10 Prince Henry

    Part 2 of Vauxhall’s Decade a Day series, charting iconic vehicles from the company’s 117-year history, focuses on what is now widely acknowledged as ‘The World’s First Sports Car’. And, for a little context, here’s a link to a lovely Vauxhall film made around 20 years ago which shows the sheer breadth of Vauxhall’s heritage […] More

  • Vauxhall 5HP Light Car

    Vauxhall Decade-a-Day, Part 1: The 5HP Light Car

    Part 1 of Vauxhall’s Decade-a-Day series, charting iconic vehicles from the company’s 117-year history, focuses on the 5HP ‘Light Car’. Built from 1903, Vauxhall’s first year of car production, and known as the ‘Light Car’, the model featured a slow-revving, single-cylinder engine producing just five horsepower. Perhaps showing Vauxhall’s roots as a producer of marine […] More