Mustang Earns World’s Best Selling Sports Car Title

    This Mustang Day – the nameplate’s 56th birthday – Mustang can now celebrate two global sales crowns, earning world’s best-selling sports car and its fifth straight best-selling sports coupe title. Mustang is also America’s best-selling sports car of the last 50 years. “We’re proud of our growing Mustang stable and performance variants,” said Jim Farley, chief […] More

  • Special edition Ford Mustang 55 launched

    It’s 55 years since the Ford Mustang was launched. To mark the occasion, Ford has launched the imaginatively-titled Mustang55 special edition. The 450hp, 5.0-litre V8 GT model serves as the basis of the Mustang55. It’s easily identified by the black roof and dissolve-effect stripes on the bonnet and lower body sides. If you prefer the […] More

  • Ken Block in Climbkhana

    Ken Block on a cliff edge in Mustang

    KEN BLOCK has produced more Hoonigans than an England away match. And now he’s struck again. The American Monster Energy legend has been at it with all the donuts, drifts, handbrake turns. This time in a 1,400bhp Hoonicorn V2 leaving rubber burns on the edges of cliff faces. The 12.46 mile, 156-turn course is practically […] More

  • Ford Mustang

    Ford Mustang muted by neighbour row

    IS this the stupidest invention ever? A Ford Mustang given a QUIET mode. What on earth is the point of owning a Mustang in the first place. It’s all come about because a Ford worker’s neighbour complained when he was reversing his car out of the driveway. So the Mustang has been muted because of […] More

  • ford mustang 2018 with "Darth Vader" design

    Darth Vader-designed Ford Mustang

    MAY the Ford be with you… OK so May the 4th has just passed. But the Blue Oval have still gone all Stars Wars on us. And surprisingly not with their Galaxy, with the Mustang instead. Ford’s new 2018 Mustang made its first appearance earlier this year at the Chicago Auto Show, and immediately impressed […] More

  • lego, mustang, lego mustang, legoland, legoland florida, florida, toy, game, skill, build, create, creative, motoring, automotive, muscle car, v8, onlymotors

    Big boy’s toy – LEGO Mustang

    When we had Lego as a kid, we mostly ate it. Or lost many a ‘two-er’ to Mum’s vacuum. These guys, however, created a Mustang. More

  • mustang, ford, v8, 5.0, cars, motoring, motorsport, automotive, modified, cars, american,

    Power Pony – Modded Mustang!

    The newest version of the Ford Mustang has only been in the UK for about three hours, but that hasn’t stopped companies from modifying it. One such firm is Milltek Sport. They’ve stumped up the cash, bought a 5.0 V8 ‘stang and set to it with the spanners. Turns out it was a worthwhile endeavor. […] More

  • Hennessey Mustang HPE800 25 Anniversary Edition

    800bhp Hennessey Mustang celebrates tuner’s 25th

    Madcap Texan tuner Hennessey turns 25 this year and is celebrating in appropriate style with an 800bhp Ford Mustang. Going by the moniker Hennessey Mustang HPE800 25 Anniversary Edition, it starts life as a perfectly normal 5.0-litre V8 Mustang GT. Hennessey then adds a high-flow carbonfibre induction kit, upgraded fuel injectors and pump, remapped ECU and […] More

  • Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT review

    Quick Spin: Ford Mustang V8 GT

    Fast cars and faster now than they have ever been. But too many of them have become extremely serious. Sure, they can cover ground obscenely fast, but there’s little fun and engagement to be had in the process. The latest Ford Mustang is not one of those cars; it has a fantastic sense of humour. […] More

  • Ford Mustang CS700

    Brand-new 700bhp Ford Mustang available in UK

    There are dozens of tuning packages available for the latest Ford Mustang; trouble is, it’s difficult to get hold of them on this side of the Atlantic. Into the breach steps car dealer Clive Sutton, who has developed a package for the V8 Mustang that ups output to 700bhp. The Mustang CS700 has a honking-great […] More

  • Watch Olly Bryant blitz Daytona in a classic Mustang

    Watch Olly Bryant blitz Daytona in a classic Mustang

    This is one of the most astonishing bits of on-board race footage we’ve seen in a while. British racer Olly Bryant is at the wheel of a preposterously fast 1965 Ford Mustang for the Classic24 at Daytona, held in January at Daytona Speedway in Florida. Bryant is one a growing band of young professional racers […] More

  • Vaughn Gittin Jr hoons new Ford Mustang drift car

    Vaughn Gittin Jr hoons new Ford Mustang drift car

    American drifter and Ford fanatic/employee Vaughn Gittin Jr. has a new car for the 2016 Formula Drift season, the Ford Mustang RTR (we’ve no idea what ‘RTR’ means). The Monster-sponsored machine is quite a thing, powered by a hulking-great V8 engine that screams round to 9000rpm and produces 900bhp. As you can see in the […] More

  • 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-H

    Not for rental here: Ford Mustang Shelby GT-H

    Imagine going to your local car rental place and asking for something fast to race over the weekend. It simply wouldn’t happen these days. But it has before, way back in 1966 when Ford and Shelby got together with rental giant Hertz to create the ‘Race-a-Racer’ programme. 1,400 examples of the Shelby Mustang GT350-H were […] More

  • 2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

    Ford Mustang Cobra Jet: an 8s dragster you can buy

    Only in America would you be able to buy a Mustang capable of covering the quarter-mile sprint in 8 seconds from your local Ford dealer. The 2016 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is actually an option package available on the Mustang GT. But that’s rather under-selling it. This is as serious as production car-based drag racers […] More

  • Ford to show 900hp EcoBoost Mustang at SEMA

    SEMA is closing in fairly quickly and a number of manufacturers are teasing and previewing their modified vehicles. Ford have now previewed each of the eight Mustangs they will be presenting at the tuner show in Las Vegas next month with one in particular headlining the lineup. Bisimoto are the tuners behind the stealth black Mustang which features […] More

  • Here’s how Brits are ordering the new Ford Mustang

    The Ford Mustang is coming to the UK in right-hand drive for the first time in the Mustang’s rich history spanning over half a century. Almost 2,000 orders for the Ford Mustang have been taken in the UK since January and the first right-hand drive cars are close to rolling off the production line at the Flatrock Assembly Plant. It […] More

  • Ford Mustang to get world’s first knee airbag

    Ford may already make some of the best class leading cars across a number of different car classes but that still doesn’t stop them improving their technology and safety features on each car. A new feature to come out of the Ford Innovation Centre is a knee airbag design on the new Ford Mustang. This […] More

  • Ford Mustang Apollo Edition

    Meet the Apollo-themed Ford Mustang

    How do you make that most ‘Murican of cars, the Ford Mustang, even more ‘Murican? You build a custom version inspired by the most ‘Murican thing ‘Murica has ever done: the NASA Apollo moon landing programme. Over the last few years its become something of a tradition that Ford builds a custom Mustang inspired by […] More

  • 2015 Ford Mustang

    Picture of The Day: The perfect 2015 Ford Mustang

    A few days ago, Ford revealed that over half a million people in Europe have put together their dream 2015 Ford Mustang, using the configurator on Ford’s website. That shows the level of interest there is in the Mustang on this side of the Atlantic, before its even reached showrooms. I’m interested, too. I’ve not […] More

  • Ford Mustang I concept

    Picture of The Day: Ford Mustang I concept

    We know the Ford Mustang as an iconic slice of automotive Americana. The original pony car, a V8-powered masterpiece, the dream wheels of generations, etc etc. Its always been big and not very clever – after 50 years Ford has only just added independent rear suspension to the latest generation. The first car to wear […] More

  • Revology Mustang

    Restomod Revology Mustang revealed

    This may look like an original 1964 Ford Mustang. But it isn’t. Really, it’s not. It is, in fact, a Revology Mustang replica. Revology has updated the iconic ’64 Mustang for the 21st Century. Actually, ‘updated’ quite doesn’t do it justice. Revology has so comprehensively re-engineered the thing that it doesn’t actually have any ’64 […] More

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