Mustang Earns World’s Best Selling Sports Car Title

    This Mustang Day – the nameplate’s 56th birthday – Mustang can now celebrate two global sales crowns, earning world’s best-selling sports car and its fifth straight best-selling sports coupe title. Mustang is also America’s best-selling sports car of the last 50 years. “We’re proud of our growing Mustang stable and performance variants,” said Jim Farley, chief […] More

  • Porsche Racing round track

    Sports Car Experiences for Less than an Easter Egg

    Children as young as 10 can drive a Sports Car for less than the cost of some popular luxury Easter eggs from high street and online retailers. Prices for a junior racecar blast start from £19 with www.trackdays.co.uk, a leading provider of driving courses. For this, youngsters get to drive a Porsche Boxster for three mind-blowing miles around […] More

  • Darkened smoky teaser image of the Apex AP-0 Concept

    Global Debut for Landmark Apex AP-0 Concept EV Sports Car

    APEX, the global sports car brand, has taken the covers off its stunning new all-electric AP-0 sports car at its global launch event in London today. The brand brings a new philosophy to the sports car market, embracing the emotional connection between driver and machine, craftsmanship and pioneering, and design and engineering as cornerstones of […] More

  • Close up on wings on row of parked porshes

    Stylish Sports Cars to Star at Beaulieu’s Simply Porsche

    As many as 1,000 stylish sports cars are expected to join the packed display as Beaulieu’s Simply Porsche returns to the grounds of the National Motor Museum on Sunday June 7th. From early examples of the 1950s and 1960s, through the legendary 911, right up to the latest models from the German sports car marque, all Porsche owners are […] More

  • Past and Present Aston Martin Vantage Models

    Vantage Point: 70 Years of Sports Car Superiority

    Aston Martin this year celebrates the creation of one of its most famous model designations, as the Vantage family of sports cars marks its 70th anniversary. The name Vantage proudly sits on more than a third of all the sports cars ever made by the luxury British brand. Spanning seven decades and covering some of the […] More

  • Maserati MC20

    The Name of the New Maserati Super Sports Car Climbs Aboard the Maserati Multi 70

    Maserati has chosen the Maserati Multi 70 trimaran and Giovanni Soldini’s Team to tell the world the name of its new super sports car, developed, engineered and 100% built in Italy. Today, the trimaran set sail in the Caribbean Sea for routine training in the run-up to the RORC Caribbean 600 Race. Unexpectedly, when the […] More

  • Tesla truck teaser

    Electric truck handles like sports car

    OMG HGV! Tesla are building an electric truck that will handle like a SPORTS CAR. Tesla has confirmed it will release a new all-electric truck on October 26th in Hawthorne, California. Company CEO Elon Musk has described the upcoming Semi truck as a “beast”. In a tweet, Musk also described the Semi as “unreal” and […] More

  • Tesla truck teaser

    Truck that handles like sports car!

    OMG HGV! Tesla are building an electric truck that will handle like a SPORTS CAR. Yes, we checked the date too, and April Fool’s was over a month ago. Seriously, Tesla boss Elon Musk has unveiled at TED2017 that a long-distance electric truck is on its way. Further information is thin on the ground but […] More

  • Alpine Vision concept

    Vision concept previews upcoming Alpine sports car

    This is our first look at the much-anticipated new Alpine sports car, due in 2017. Or at least, most of it. According to Alpine, this Vision concept is 80% related to the production car, which probably amounts to less advanced lights, different side mirrors and some interior changes. Otherwise, it looks perfectly plausible and very, […] More

  • New TVR sports car to be built from carbon fibre

    TVR has announced further details of their upcoming sports car which is set to go on sale in the coming months. While no image or name for the car has been confirmed yet, TVR has confirmed an optional carbon fibre specification will be available on its new upcoming model. The upcoming sports car will feature the company’s first ever full-production, […] More

  • Jannarelly Design-1

    New Jannarelly sports car is a 60s throwback

    The Jannarelly Design-1 might look like it’s cobbled together from bits of old racing car, but is in fact bang-up-to-date. It’s the work of Anthony Jannarelly, the designer who penned the Lykan and Fenyr supercars, and carbonfibre specialist Equation Composite. According to Jannarelly, the Design-1 is “a tribute to the 60s for car lovers in […] More

  • Wiesmann saved

    Brits save defunct sports car maker Wiesmann

    You may remember obscure German sports car maker Wiesmann from a couple of glowing reviews its cars received on Top Gear. Those cars may have looked like modern interpretations of classic British sports cars, they were very German. Powered by BMW engines, Wiesmanns were built with incredible precision and attention to detail, and had staggeringly […] More

  • Yamaha sports car concept teaser

    Yamaha sports car concept teased

    As maker of some the best engines in the world, Yamaha designed many car engines over the years but has never actually built a whole car. That changes in 2019 when Yamaha puts its version of McLaren F1 design Gordon Murray’s Motiv city car into production, using the innovative iStream production process. In the meantime, […] More

  • Mazda sports car concept

    Mazda sports car concept to revealed at Tokyo

    Oh, Mazda, how you tease us! This is a first glimpse of a new sports car concept that will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. Mazda says its designers “strove to condense the company’s sports car history to as great a degree as possible into this concept.” We can see elements of […] More

  • Japanese sports cars

    Top 5 Japanese sports cars

    We think of Japanese cars as safe, solid and reliable. Justifiably so. When they started arriving in the UK en masse in the Seventies, we were used to Austins, Fords and Vauxhalls that needed some sort of tinkering every weekend and refused to start on a slightly nippy morning. Datsuns, Hondas, and Toyotas, by contrast, ran like […] More

  • Avocet sports car

    Want to own a sports car company? Avocet is up for sale

    Do you dream of builder your own car but want to sidestep the expensive, complicated design and development bit? Worry not, because there’s now the opportunity to buy the rights to the Avocet. The what? It’s a track-focussed, mid-engined sports in a similar vein to the Zenos and Caterham, designed by MMI. The Avocet uses […] More

  • British sports cars

    Top 5 surprisingly brilliant British sports cars

    Britain has a long and (mostly) proud history of cottage industry sports car makers. Companies started by people who wanted to build the car of their dreams and if they made some money along the way, so much the better. Of course, a lot of them didn’t make money and, sooner or later, they vanished […] More

  • Detroit Electric SP:01

    Prod-spec Detroit Electric SP:01 sports car detailed

    Electric car maker Detroit Electric has revealed the production-spec version of its SP:01 sports car, due to go on sale later this year. The Detroit Electric SP:01 is based on the Lotus Elise chassis, wrapped in carbonfibre bodywork. As far as the leading edge of the rear wheelarches, the SP:01 shares a resemblance to the […] More

  • Trident Iceni diesel-powered sports car goes on sale

    British sports car maker Trident’s diesel-powered Iceni goes on sale today. Available in coupe, convertible or estate forms, Trident claims the Iceni is the fastest, most fuel-efficient sports car available. Power comes from a 6.6-litre V8 turbo diesel engine, producing 424bhp and 950lb/ft of torque. That’s enough for a 0-60mph sprint in 3.7 seconds and […] More

  • Racing at Daytona 24 Hours

    UK Sportscar Racing Stars at One with the Mazda3

    Fresh from a strong showing at this year’s Daytona 24 Hours, the opening round of the 2020 IMSA Sportscar Series, Mazda North America’s British racing drivers Oliver Jarvis and Harry Tincknell returned to the UK to spend a day with the innovative Skyactiv-X powered Mazda3, to explore how, whether on road or track, Mazda’s focus […] More

  • Phil Abbott of Radical Sportscars

    Phil Abbott of Radical Sportscars

    Ever been looking for a new car and couldn’t find exactly what you want? Most people would simply give up and settle for second best (this writer has on many occasions). But Phil Abbott is not most people. Not long after he took up racing, he realised no-one made the kind of car he wanted […] More

  • 8Star Motorsport

    8Star Motorsports enters four cars

      Pompano Beach, Fla. (March 12, 2014) – 8Star Motorsports will run four-cars for Christian Potolicchio, Dalton Sargeant, Daniel Conway and Lamont Harris in the season-opening round of the 2014 Cooper Tires Prototype Lites Championship Powered by Mazda at Sebring International Raceway in Florida (13-16 March). The leading 8Star Motorsports team has designed a multi-step competition ladder […] More

  • Aston Martin Vantage


    Does Aston Martin’s latest car lead the pack?

    The new Vantage is based on F1’s safety car – and you’ll need an elite racer’s salary to afford its £140k price. It’s a curious thing, but the moment I eased myself behind the wheel of Aston Martin’s mean new F1 inspired Vantage coupe I felt myself instinctively thinking: ‘Where’s my crash helmet?’. Yet I […] More

  • MK3 Airspeeder

    Formula One of the SKIES: World’s first flying race car

    The world’s first flying racing car, which goes from 0–60 miles per hour as fast as a Formula One car, has taken to the skies over the South Australian desert for the first time ahead of a race debut later this year. Three remotely-piloted Grands Prix will take place across the world in yet-to-be-revealed locations as part […] More

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