ABT tunes the Audi SQ2 to 350hp

We have to confess to being slightly mystified about the appeal of small, fast crossovers. The Audi SQ2 is a case in point.

It packs the powertrain from the S3 hatchback into the taller, heavier body of the Q2 crossover. Inevitably, the SQ2 is a bit slower than the S3 and doesn’t drive quite as well. Still, it’s fast and capable if a bit humourless. Much like most other fast Audis, then.

Audi tuning specialist ABT Sportsline has tried to add some spice to the SQ2, turning the wick up a bit. Just by adding ABT’s own ECU, 350hp and 325lb/ft of torque has been liberated from the 2.0-litre turbo four, up from 300hp and 295lb/ft.

The extra power drops the 0-60mph time by two tenths by 4.6secs. ABT must have turned the speed limiter off too, as their SQ2 tops out at 163mph rather than 155mph.

ABT have a range of wheels available that will bolt onto the SQ2 in 19in or 20in sizes. The car pictured here wears 20in GR rims.

Though it’s not quite our cup of tea, the SQ2 clearly hits the spot for a lot of people, if the number of them we’ve seen in our neck of the woods is anything to by. Everything’s better with more power so they may as well get onto ABT.

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By Graham King

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