Be very afraid of the Ferrari FXX K

If the insane quantities of speed the 950bhp, hybrid-powered LaFerrari is capable of serving up don’t quite float your boat, don’t worry. Ferrari has an answer.

It comes in the shape of the FXX K, a hunkered-down, stripped-out, bewingged track-only version of LeFerrari. The HY-KERS-equipped, 6262cc V12 motor, developed from LaFerrari’s engine, produces a slightly frightening 1021bhp.

836bhp of that is delivered by the engine itself, the remaining 185bhp contributed by the electric motor. Ferrari hasn’t revealed performance figures, but 0-62mph is expected to take quite a lot less than the road car’s sub-three second time. That could well make it as quick as an F1 car. And with no exhaust silencers, it’ll sound like Valhalla’s house band.

The aero package is almost as bonkers as the powertrain. A multitude of flicks and winglets channel air more efficiently and generate more downforce. Lessons learned in GT racing were applied to the front splitter; the wings atop the rear fins are joined by the car’s deployable spoiler when the numbers on the speedo get big.

The result is considerably more downforce, as much as 50 per cent in low drag mode. That translates as 540kg at 124mph. Or the weight of a Caterham Seven, to put it in perspective.

This being a Ferrari, there’s a five-stage Manettino on the steering wheel, which alters the level of intervention from the E-Diff, F1-Trac traction control and Racing Side Slip Angle Control. So even slightly hamfisted drivers should look like heroes.

If you want a Ferrari FXX K, you can’t have one. At least, not unless you’re one of the spectacularly wealthy individuals who buy into Ferrari’s XX driver development program. The FXX K is the third car in the XX series, following on from the original, Enzo-based FXX and the 599XX.

Included in the £1.5 million-ish price are a number of dedicated track days around the world, engineers devoted to each car and a driver training program. McLaren runs a similar operation for the P1 GTR.

Though it is race-spec, the FXX K isn’t actually eligible for competition. As such, the price tag might seem steep, especially as the same amount would probably buy a season or two in the Blancpain Endurance Series. But for those capable of writing such a large cheque, it’s a small price to pay for having a conspicuously intimate relationship with Ferrari.

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