Your airport parking done by robot

Stan the parking robot

WHAT would Eminem think of this?

This is the news of an autonomous airport parking ROBOT called Stan.

I can almost hear you all breaking out into Dido’s chorus right now.

Anyway, this is the genuine story that a team at Stanley Robotics have developed a robot that collects cars from drop-off areas and transports them to the nearest car part until the holiday maker or businessman returns from being abroad.

Airport parking is almost annoying enough to put you off flying and this could really make a huge difference.

Stan the parking robot
Stan the parking robot

Customers will have to make a booking via the firm’s app or website, then just park in a “well lit and spacious” garage close to their terminal.

Once they’ve confirmed their arrival on the accompanying touchscreen, they’re free to leave for their flight, taking their keys with them.

Then Stan – as it is called – will then collect the vehicle, automatically adjusting to each different car’s build-size and slides underneath and lifts the car off the ground.

Once it has reached the airport’s car park, it then uses “the latest sensor technology” to precisely manoeuvre vehicles into rows of five.

The system is being touted as a money-saver for airports, with Stanley Robotics claiming that it can increase the number of cars in a given area by as much as 50 per cent. They also point out that operating costs would plummet without the need for regular cleaning and maintenance.

Stan the parking robot
Stan the parking robot

We bet those savings aren’t passed onto the customer though!

When you arrive back from abroad, cars are then returned to the same drop-off point from departure.

Stanley Robotics’ valet solution is already in operation at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and having recently secured millions of pounds in investment, there’s every chance it could become a more common feature at airports around the world in the near future.

Now all they need to do is just to get Stan to take each passenger abroad and save the hassle of airports and flying.

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