Gallery: All the cars of 1986

Porsche 959 - Techfest powerhouse with 4WD, advanced aero and a 2.8 twin-turbo flat-6 making 444bhp. Top speed of 197mph briefly made it the fastest car in the world

1986 is best remembered for the Chernobyl disaster and Maradonna’s ‘Hand of God’. At the cinema, Top Gun was the year’s highest grossing film, while the biggest single was Falco’s Rock Me Amadeus.

A vintage year it was not (fortunately, I was only two years old, so I had no idea). That was largely true in the car world, too, but there were still a number of significant launches. This was, after all, the year that gave us the legendary BMW M3 and iconic Ford Sierra Cosworth. And the Porsche 959, still one of the greatest supercars there has ever been.

Click through the gallery below to see every car that was launched 30 years ago.

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