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The Grand Tour trio

HAVE you got dreadful fashion sense, can take the mickey out of small people and shout “POWER” at regular intervals?

If you can, this is the job for you. The temporary replacement for Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour.

The listing requires you to work with a team of “variously sized co-hosts” and wear vast amounts of “pre-washed denim” a few sizes too small.

Clarkson was struck down by pneumonia this month while on holiday in Majorca leaving him in hospital – and recovery could take six to eight weeks.

And with The Grand Tour due to return to TV screens in the next few months, Amazon Prime has posted the tongue-in-cheek ad for his healthy replacement.

The best thing about this is that you can actually apply on the official Amazon Jobs website.

Amazon spoof job application
Amazon spoof job application

Trouble is, you might struggle to meet all of the basic qualifications needed for the glamorous role.

You’ll need a strong knowledge of cars, metaphors and progressive rock music – and tall candidates with curly hair will be given special preference.

The successful applicant will work alongside James May and Richard Hammond as they travel the globe for The Grand Tour.

The ad states: “This host will have a proven track record in effectively dealing with colleagues that they find annoying and being lost in unknown locations.

“They must be entertaining, engaging and willing to pause before delivering the final word or words of some sentences.”

Any applicant will also have to match Clarkson’s ability to setting things on fire, badly using heavy machinery and arguing.

And – alluding to Clarkson and co-host Hammond’s accident prone history – talking to camera and not crashing isn’t “essential”.

Amazon also demands that you have 6.5million-plus followers on social media to be considered for the position.

Go buy some bad denims and shirts and get applying today!

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