America’s best-selling cars of 2015

1. Ford F-Series - 780,354

Americans bought an astonishing 17.5 million new cars in 2015, a volume not seen in 15 years.

To put that number in context, we learned yesterday that an all-time record 2.6 million cars were registered in the UK last year. Now, bear in mind that the USA has a population 4.3 times bigger than the UK, Americans bought 6.7 times more cars than us. That’s pretty amazing.

Let’s put it another way: 17.5 million cars in one year equates to 48,000 per day, or 2,000 per hour. Or 33 per minute. Or about one every two seconds. We only buy a car every 12 seconds or so.

But enough statistics. What cars are Americans actually buying? Not American ones, that’s for sure. Japanese manufacturers dominate the top ten best-sellers list, particularly Toyota and Honda with three entries each. There’s a similar mix of family cars and SUVs as the UK top ten, but the top three is reserved exclusively for that most American of vehicle, the pick-up truck.

The Ford F-Series truck tops the chart for the 34th year running, selling 90,000 units more than the entire UK top ten combined. America really does love trucks…

Click through the gallery below to America’s favourite cars of 2015.

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