Are these the best model cars in the world?

Over 7,000 parts go into 1930 Bentley Blower

Secreted away somewhere in the middle of Toronto, Canada is a shop with the unassuming name Collector Studio. It could be quite literally anything, but it is, in fact, one of the best automobilia dealers in the world.

Proprietor Morry Barmak sells some the finest motoring-related posters, artwork, models and memrobilia and lists many of the world’s best known (and richest) car collectors among his regulars.

Among Morry’s wares are a number of large 1:5 scale models built be a Dr Miodrag Jelesijevic. They might just be the the best model cars in existence.

The work that goes into them is staggering. Because they’re an odd scale, Dr Jelesijevic has to make every single part from scratch. There could be as many as 7,000.

Barmak reached out to Dr Jelesijevic about 10 years ago after seeing his work. He commissions small runs of iconic classic and vintage that are sold exclusively through his shop. Each one takes several years to complete.

The level of detail is simply astonishing. Visually they are 100 per cent accurate, down to the tiniest bolts and widgets. Pedals and levers work, the steering turns with the correct ratio, cars and bonnets open on the correct hinges; about the only thing that doesn’t work as it does in the real thing is the engine.

At the moment Collector Studio has the doctor’s models of a 1928 Mercedes SSK, 1930 Bentley Blower, 1931 Alfa Romeo 8C, 1931 Mercedes SSKL and bare Mercedes 300SL chassis available.

As you would expect of an object so massively intricate and desirable, they’re not cheap. As is CDN$30,000 – CDN$65,000, or around £15,000 – £34,000.

But look at this way: those prices are about one per cent of the value of the real thing and, in their own way, these models are just as enjoyable. Small price pay, I reckon.

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