Ashes to Ashes Audi quattro up for auction

“Fire up the quattro.” As said in a chewy Mancunian accent by DCI Gene Hunt, it’s one of the best TV lines ever. And now you can say it as you get into the actual Audi quattro from BBC drama Ashes to Ashes.

Well, that’s assuming you place the winning bid. The BBC, which currently owns it, is putting the car up for auction, to raise funds for Children In Need.

The quattro, a 1983 ‘ur’ model with a 10-valve version of the legendary 2.2-litre, five-cylinder turbo engine, has been fully restored by Audi UK.

Actor Phil Glenister, who played Gene Hunt, has added his signature to the Audi, saying: “If you want to fire up the quattro, first you have to fire up your wallets!”

A poll held in 2013 by Auto Express magazine, the Ashes to Ashes Audi quattro was voted number four in a list of the top 40 most famous television cars of all time.

You bid for the quattro at the BBC Children in Need eBay shop. The auction closes on Sunday 16 November. As it stands, it’s probably worth £20,000, before you add in the TV and charity elements.

Incidentally, both Children in Need and the Audi quattro celebrate their 34th anniversary this year.


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