Assets of Saleen Supercars available

The opportunity to purchase the assets and intellectual property of the Saleen S7, S7R and Saleen S5S Raptor Supercars has been presented this week.

GA Global Partners will be offering the assets of the Saleen S7, S7R and S5S Raptor in a private treaty sale. The sale staggeringly includes all the remaining inventory, parts, memorabilia, molds, designs and intellectual property related to the S7, S7R and the S5S Raptor.

If you thought that wasn’t good enough well you’re in even more luck as six remaining chassis for the Saleen S7 and S7R are also available as is the stunning one off concept, the S5S Raptor, which was never put into production.

Adam Alexander, CEO of GA Global Partners said: “These prized assets have been kept in safe storage for the past five years which makes this a truly rare and historic opportunity to own all assets and rights to the first ‘Great American Supercar,’ and allow a new owner to continue the legacy with the S5S Raptor.”

The three cars which assets are available were all unique in their own way. The Saleen S7 was intorduced back in 2000 as a car that is a close to a race car as the law allows. The S7 had a 7.0L V8 that produced 550hp and eventually the S7 Twin Turbo produced 750hp.

A competition package then followed with improved aero and downforce and 1,000hp. All of that was incredibly in a car that only weighed around 1,250kg. An S7R racing version was introduced in 2001 setting 30 pole positions and set 27 fastest laps at several tracks, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The S5S Raptor was unveiled at the New York International Auto Show in 2008 but was sadly never produced. The car was stated to have a 5.0L supercharged V8 that produced an staggering 650hp amd around the date of the concept, it potentially would have competed with the likes of the mid-engine supercars of Europe.

Prospective purchasers are to visit for more information, photos and bidding details.

By James Fothergill

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