Aston Martin Racing close to Force India deal

Aston Martin have been out of F1 for over half a century now and there have been a number of close returns to the sport for the Brit manufacturer of late.

Aston were rumoured to have evaluated other F1 teams to partner in recent times with Red Bull and Williams the rumoured candidates under consideration for such a partnership.

According to Autosport, it now appears that they may partner the Force India team who despite financial strains continue to perform stronger each year.

Any alleged deal would apparently see the Force India team rebranded as Aston Martin Racing next season. This move would help Aston increase their presence in F1 and both on and off the track.

Autosport also mentioned that:

Alongside the team name change, it is understood the livery will become blue and gold as part of a link-up with sponsor Johnnie Walker.

It’s a deal that appears to run pretty smoothly for the Force India team as their current engine supplier is Mercedes who in fact own five percent of Aston Martin and will be providing AMG power to future Aston Martins on the road as well. Sources state that Mercedes have “given its blessing” to an arrangement between both Force India and Aston Martin.

While the deal would put an end to the Force India name that has graced the sport since 2007, it is set to begin technical collaborations between the two partners. 

An announcement could be made in due course.

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