Brits outgun supercars as top motors

Anthony Joshua with Range Rover SVO

ASTON MARTIN have been voted the ultimate dream car by UK motorists – as three Brit brands finished above Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

James Bond’s favourite firm was unsurprisingly the top car polled but four British brands were in the top 10 and Jaguar and Land Rover even outgunned supercars.

James Bond (Daniel Craig) with Aston Martin DB5
James Bond (Daniel Craig) with Aston Martin DB5

While the nation has voted for high-end car makers as their dream vehicle, the reality is in most cases quite different.

Dealer insight from the Britain Under the Bonnet report by Close Brothers Motor Finance has revealed the most financed car brands of 2016 were Ford, followed by Vauxhall.

Interestingly though, the BMW is again in third place, suggesting that aspiration can become reality for some.

Over the last decade Vauxhall and Ford have remained in first and second place amongst those taking out finance to buy their cars, while Land Rover and Mitsubishi have crashed out of the top 10 altogether.

Simon Cowell with Jaguar F-type
Simon Cowell with Jaguar F-type

James Broadhead, CEO of Close Brothers Motor Finance said: “As British motorists reveal their dream car brands, it’s interesting that the top 10 does not only consist of elite sports cars.

“There are more affordable options there, and it is notable that both BMW and Audi are popular in reality, as well as in dreams. Financing options, including PCP, are bringing these higher price cars within reach of real people, so that less compromises need to be made.

“As consumer trends change, the type of cars on dealers’ forecourts will need constant reassessment. Having partners that can give dealers market wide insight into consumer trends is crucial.”

UK motorists top 10 dream brands:

1. Aston Martin

2. Audi

3. BMW

4. Jaguar

5. Mercedes

6. Land Rover

7. Ferrari

8. Lamborghini

9. Porsche

10. Bentley

By Phil Lanning


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