Aston Martin Vulcan meets the Vulcan bomber

There aren’t many things that can upstage the Aston Martin Vulcan. Just 24 examples of Aston’s 800bhp, all-carbonfibre, track-only megacar will be built, each costing well over £1 million.

It looks astonishing and sounds like the Roman god of fire it’s named after when he’s very angry.

And yet there is something that can upstage the Aston Martin Vulcan. Indeed something else called Vulcan. The Avro Vulcan, Britain’s iconic cold war-era nuclear bomber.

Vulcan met Vulcan in a flypast at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire when Vulcan XH558, the only flying Vulcan left in the world, buzzed its namesake in the mother of all photo ops.

The Aston is built in a factory on an old Vulcan base, which provided the inspiration for the name. And you could, after a few jars, say there’s something of the spirit of the old warbird in the car, with its towering power and purposeful shape.

But let’s not get misty-eyed. Aston CEO Andy Palmer can do that for us. He said: “Clearly the Avro Vulcan provided the inspiration for the naming of our most extreme sports car, and I’m delighted that we have been able to unite the ‘two Vulcans’ and deliver our own tribute to this world-renowned aeronautical phenomenon.”

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