Atelier Diva restomod Porsche 911 set for UK debut

Singer really did open the floodgates. You can barely walk 100 feet at a high-end car show without falling over a Porsche 911 that’s been given the restomod treatment. We don’t see this as a bad thing, though. With so many companies doing these restomods, they have to work really hard to offer something different, producing some genuinely jaw-dropping machinery.

Into this arena steps French outfit Atelier Diva which is showing its Targa in the UK for the first time at Salon Prive in September. The firm has grown out of Crubile Sport, a long-established historic racing Porsche specialist. Having raced their own historic Porsches in the Le Mans Classic event, Crubile’s founders set out to create a road-going 911 that captures the raw thrills of their racers.

Starting with an early-Nineties 964-generation 911, the donor is stripped to its bare bones then reclothed in an all-carbonfibre body that mimics the classic late-Sixties 911S. We think it’s pretty convincing too, only the lower stance and stretched wheelarches giving the game away.

Power comes from a bespoke 4.2-litre flat-six engine delivering 400hp. According to Atelier Diva, it’s essentially a race-spec unit the gives “sensational performance.” The car only weighs 1100kg.

The custom exhaust is designed to “enchance the audio experience.” And the Targa obviously gives you unfettered access to it.

There are no details on the suspension and brakes at this stage, but it’s a safe assumption there’s some heavy-duty hardware underneath. The car is actually 3cm wider than a standard 964, indicating that the track has been stretched at the very least. Which should bode well for the handling.

The interior is given a full period makeover too, with a wood veneer strip across the dashboard, half-leather seats with houndstooth cloth and a delicious wood gearknob. As you’d expect, the buyer can spec it however they want. Instruments that replicate the classic Porsche style and a Focal stereo finish it off.

Atelier Diva itself notes that “technology and design at this level do not come cheap.” 25 examples each of the Targa, Coupe and as-yet-unseen Safari models will be produced. Build time is a full year for each of them.

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By Graham King

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