600bhp Audi TT Clubsport concept: be very afraid

This is the Audi TT Clubsport concept, set to unveiled at the huge Worthersee car show in Austria later this month. Scary, innit?

Beneath the bulging, rather angry-looking bodywork, is a 592bhp, 479lb/ft version of the 2.5 TFSi found in the RS3 hatchback and RS Q3 crossover, boosted by an electric turbo. Starting the turbo electrically means it gets going quicker than a conventional blower relying on exhaust gases.

Audi says the e-turbo gives “spontaneous response and powerful sprints from low engine speeds at all times,” i.e. it eliminates turbo lag. It won’t be long before the technology makes its way onto Audi’s road cars, likewise the separate 48-volt lithium-ion battery powered electrical system that powers it.

The rest of the TT Clubsport is as you would expect of any race car-inspired concept. The styling recalls the Audi 90 IMSA GTO race car of the late Eighties and pays lip service to the Audi Sport TT Cup race car. The interior has been stripped out and a titanium rollcage and orange CFRP bucket seats added back in.

Refreshingly a six-speed manual gearbox sends power to all four wheels. 0-62mph takes a suitably fantastic 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 192mph. Torque vectoring and massive carbon ceramic brakes help keep everything under control.


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