Bad driving makes you less attractive

Road rage and texting while behind the wheel are just some of the bad driving that make you less attractive to opposite sex, according to a study commissioned by the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

The study showed 84 per cent of women found men less attractive after experiencing their bad driving, while 28 per cent of men were turned off by women who displayed bad driving habits.

Subjects were shown videos of both good and bad driving whilst being tested for their levels of attraction towards the driver using pulse rate, pupil dilation, blink rate and body language. Prominent behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings conducted the study on behalf of the IAM.

Women were more likely to become stressed while experiencing bad driving, while men tend to become frustrated.

The top-five bad driving turn-offs for women were, in order: illegal overtaking, road rage, bad parking, texting whilst driving and three-point turns. Three-point turns, taking selfies at the wheel, texting whilst driving, going the wrong way round a roundabout and bad parking are the biggest turn-offs for men.

“There is no doubt that across the board, most candidates, and nearly all of the women, found bad driving to be a turn-off,” Jo Hemmings said. “”However, it’s interesting to look at the reactions of different genders.

“Some male reactions to bad driving included laughter and amusement, indicating that men have a less mature emotional response to bad driving than women who instead furrowed their brows and shook their heads.”

An earlier study conducted for the IAM found that bad driving was one the UK’s biggest first-date turn-offs. Road rage was the worst faux pas for 46 per cent of Brits. A similar number highlighted texting at the wheel as being sure to kill a first date there and then.

Jo Hemmings added: “Overall the experiment supports the hypothesis that bad driving elicits strong instinctive responses, with a correlated effect on levels of desire. However, it’s evident that women have a stronger negative reaction to bad driving than men, and find bad drivers considerably less attractive as a result.”

Personally, I’ve always thought that driving well – which isn’t synonymous with ‘fast’, incidently – isn’t that hard. All it takes is a bit of concentration, thought and application. Driving like a numpty has never impressed anyone and this is the proof.

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