Park strife costs drivers £459million

Bad parking crashes

PARKING plonkers are costing UK motorists £459MILLION a year in damage to their cars.

The basic everyday task of parking at the supermarket is coming at a huge cost to UK motorists as a result of dings and dents caused by themselves or fellow careless car park users. reports that around two thirds of the cars they see have minor damage caused by car park prangs, with costing an average of £85 per dent at the point of repair or resale.

With 8.2million used cars changing hands in the UK each year, that equates to potentially 5.4 million cars in need of a repair before being resold and a cumulative bill of nearly half a billion pounds.

The research is supported by research recently commissioned by the RAC, which found that two thirds of motorists report suffering damage to their vehicles while using a car park, with almost a third saying it had happened on several occasions.
From the same survey, the number one place identified for a motorist to have their car damaged is a supermarket car park, with 48 per cent of those asked saying this is where their car had picked up a scratch or dent.

Bad parking crashes
Bad parking crashes

Nigel Fletcher, managing director of, said: “It’s startling that so many motorists suffer damage to their vehicles in car parks, and the resulting nine figure bill is equally alarming.

“We are seeing a large percentage of the vehicles coming to us affected by this type of damage and it suggests to us an increasing problem with careless parking. After mileage, condition has the biggest impact on a car’s value and with two in every three used cars needing repairs to minor damage caused by inconsiderate parkers before being resold, it’s a costly problem.

“We’d encourage everyone to be a little more thoughtful when parking, especially when using notoriously tight supermarket car parks. A little more courtesy and care when opening doors or manoeuvring trolleys will save fellow motorists a lot of money.”

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