Bentley Bentayga turned into a tank – sort of

The Bentley Bentayga is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious, opulent and self-indulgent cars that exists. But here’s something that most owners don’t realise as they cruise around Chelsea – the Bentayga is almost as capable off-road as a Range Rover.

Seems hard to believe, but Bentley’s engineers expending a huge amount of time and money making sure the Bentayga will go a lot further off-road than is really necessary for the clientele. They might occasionally find themselves in a muddy car park, but are highly unlikely to try anything more strenuous.

But there are always some owners who will make their Bentayga work for its living and get stuck into some serious off-roading. Or, at least, some who want to make their Bentayga look like they get stuck into some serious off-roading.

In either case, those few owners could turn to Spanish company Bengala Automotive Design, which has turned the Bentayga into the sort of thing a villain from Fast & Furious with a desert lair would drive. It’s called, appropriately enough, The Tank.

The heart of the matter is the suspension, much modified over standard for better rock-crawling ability – though Bengala doesn’t actually say how. Our guess would be “carefully” so that the changes don’t interfere with the 48-volt electrical system that controls a standard Bentayga’s suspension.

There is, of course, a set of huge, knobbly tyres wrapping Dillinger wheels, with massively flared wheelarches to match. The rest of the spec is down to the buyer.

As rendered here, the Bengala Bentayga features a heavy-duty bull bar and front bumper, brush bars along the sides and at the back, side-exit exhausts and a lot of LED lights. Most of the body mods are made from carbonfibre.

Presumably the interior can be trimmed as the buyer wants, as well.

According to Bengala, the package was developed in collaboration with an unnamed Spanish off-road rally champion and his team. Just 15 of these Bentaygas will be built.

Bengala’s previous work includes a Ferrari F12 redressed in carbonfibre panels and several custom Rolls-Royces.

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By Graham King

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