New ‘baby Bentley’ based on choc bar!

New Bentley Continental GT

THE new ‘baby Bentley’ model that became famous for being the swanky Premier League footballer’s car makes its latest debut on transfer deadline day.

But who would have thought a new luxury car’s most innovate device was based on a Swiss chocolate bar?

Yes, Toblerone. That last minute holiday gift.

You forgot to get the relies that Spanish donkey so on the way back the extra large, teeth-breaking triangular monster is bought from airport and is the perfect get-out-of-jail-card.

From nowhere, it’s being used in language to describe the new Bentley Continental GT.

The most hi-tech Bentley ever has been launched with the world’s first three-way rotating dashboard that takes its inspiration from James Bond’s famous revolving number plate.

A clever triangular ‘Toblerone-style’ device showing three different dashboard ‘faces’ allows the driver to choose which one to view.

The new model is due to go on sale next year with a £160,000 price tag, It will be capable of cruising through the 200mph barrier and will be built exclusively in the UK.

New Bentley Continental GT
New Bentley Continental GT

There’s enough new features to choke a donkey but the dash is the real showstopper.

At first glance the fascia of the sporty new Bentley displays a clear smooth wood veneer. But fire up the engine and the middle of the dash ‘glides silently forward and rotates’ to reveal a 12.3-inch display screen with three ‘windows’ for navigation, telephone and general media.

At the flick of a switch, the driver can spin it again to reveal a third ‘face’ – showing three analogue dials displaying outside temperature, a compass and a chronometer.

It is inspired by the rotating number-plate gadget used in the James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’ on 007’s gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5 – using three-sided faces, like on the distinctive triangular packaging of the Toblerone bar of chocolate.

Explaining how the Bond-like rotating dashboard display works, a Bentley spokesman said: “Forty moving components make up the mechanism, which is bespoke to Bentley.”

The system even has built-in cooling fans to manage motor and screen temperatures.

New Bentley Continental GT
New Bentley Continental GT

Bentley said: “It’s the most technologically advanced Bentley ever. And the rotating dashboard does add a little bit of James Bond magic.”

Since it first launched in 2003, some 66,000 Continental GTs have been sold, with the second generation car arriving in 2011.

Bentley said big steps have been made and the new Continental GT is the ‘most technologically advanced car’ they have ever produced – with 2,300 circuit boards, five miles of wiring, 92 electronic control units, and 100 million lines of computer code, some 15 times the amount on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, to make it all work.

Details of the new Bentley ‘Grand Tourer’ have been revealed ahead of its global launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September ahead of first deliveries from Spring next year.

Styling is influenced by the classic R-Type Continental of 1952 – and it’s an absolute scorcher.

The 2018 model has a sleeker longer and lower profile, with the front wheels further 5 inches forward which allows the bonnet to be extended and the nose lowered. But it is at the back where changes are most noticeable.

The muscular rear haunches are more pronounced and the rear tail-lights are shaped into ellipses to echo the silhouette of the exhaust pipes below them.

It accelerates from rest to 60mph in just 3.6 seconds – 0.7 seconds faster than its predecessor – thanks to its powerful and enhanced 6.0-litre W12 turbo-charged petrol engine developing 626bhp and linked to a slick new eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gear-box.

It means the top speed is 9mph faster than the outgoing car at a colossal 207mph. Fittingly, the braking system is the most powerful system ever fitted to a Bentley, with a total of 28 pistons.

Despite improvements to fuel efficiency – it averages 23.2mpg compared to 19.9mpg for the previous model – it’s still a gas-guzzler. CO2 emissions are a hefty 278g/km despite a 16 per cent improvement.

No doubt a few new rich footie stars will be placing their orders tonight.

I’ll get the next best thing, buying a Toblerone.

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