This is the best movie car chase you’ve never seen

Which is the greatest movie car chase there has ever been? It’s a question sure to generate debate among petrolheads and film buffs, that usually centres on Bullitt, The Bourne Supremacy and Ronin.

In other words, the debate centres on Hollywood productions. But every country in the world has its own film industry and if you explore further than English-language flicks, there are some fantastic car chases out there.

The French are particularly good at staging automotive mayhem and, for my money, the sequence you see here is the best they’ve ever committed to celluloid.

It’s the opening sequence to A Man And A Woman: 20 Years Later, the sequel to the classic Claude Lelouch drama A Man And A Woman. The films follow the romance between bereaved single parents Anne, a film maker, and racing driver Jean-Louis. He, incidentally, is played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, who counts the great French racers Louis and Maurice Trintignant among his relatives.

Anyway, I think what’s going on here is simply that Jean-Louis is out for a joyride with some of racing driver mates, with the inevitable bumping and bashing that entails. It’s one of the best displays of flat-out, close-quarters driving I’ve ever seen. The drivers, whoever they are, are bloody good.

And the cars, in case you’re wondering, are a Renault 25, Peugeot 505, Mercedes 190E, Audi 100, Saab 900, BMW 5-Series and Lancia Thema.

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