Graham King discusses motors from the Only Motors office

HtS: Bentley Bentayga

How to spec: Bentley Bentayga

However controversial the Bentley Bentayga may be, there's no doubting it's already a huge success. If you went down to your local Bentley to order one today, you would have to wait until the back end of 2017 b... read more....
WWTT: Lancia Thesis

What were they thinking? Lancia Thesis

I want to like the Lancia Thesis. I like Lancias generally, as most petrolheads do. So many of its cars are tinged with greatness and bathed in motorsport glory. Even the rubbish ones - of which there are plent... read more....
WWTT: Daewoo Espero

What were they thinking: Daewoo Espero

General Motors-owned Korean manufacturer Daewoo turned its attention to Europe in the mid-Nineties. It's early efforts, including the Espero, were lamentable at best. At the time, Daewoo was little more than a repository of out-of-date GM models from elsewh... read more....
SPECTRE review

SPECTRE review

It's rather ironic that, for a franchise famed for its cars, you can count the number of genuinely good car chases in Bond films on one hand. We can add SPECTRE to the roster, now. The key to its success is ... read more....
WWTT: Perodua Myvi

What were they thinking? Perodua Myvi

You probably don't remember Malaysian manufacturer Perodua as a peddler of second-hand, redressed Daihatsus. When it first arrived in the UK in 1997, it took the departed Lada's place as seller of the cheapest new car available. By the mid-2000s it was prod... read more....