Graham King discusses motors from the Only Motors office

WWTT: Nissan Leopard

What were they thinking? Nissan Leopard

One of the great joys the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is that we get to see what crazy names the Japanese manufacturers are giving their latest domestic market products. Perhaps it's because Japanese is such a... read more....
WWTT: Chrysler TC by Maserati

What were they thinking? Chrysler TC by Maserati

As is so often the case, the theory behind the Chrysler TC by Maserati was perfectly sound. Chrysler wanted to add some glamour to its humdrum K-Car range, deputising Maserati, which it owned at the time, to provide it. The ingredients were all there. Power... read more....
A day at the banger racing

A day at the banger racing

There isn't much to do on a Sunday in late September, but a quick look through the internet showed there was banger racing on at Aldershot. Banger racing is a Marmite form of motorsport in car enthusiast cir... read more....
Alfa Romeo Arna

What were they thinking? Alfa Romeo Arna

There have been many strange marriages in the automotive industry. None, though, has been as disastrous as that between Alfa Romeo and Nissan. On paper, at least, it sounds like a marriage made in heaven. Surely it would produce a motor that had the flair o... read more....
WWTT: Ford Aspire

What were they thinking? Ford Aspire

Motoring history is littered with cars that were misnamed. The Mitsubishi Carisma immediately springs to mind. But I doubt there has every been a more tragic misnomer than the Ford Aspire. If anyone ever did... read more....