Graham King discusses motors from the Only Motors office

Driven: MG3

On Test: MG 3 1.5

Watch the video review here MG Rover died an ugly death in 2005, but the MG brand, now under Chinese ownership, returned to the UK market in 2011. The MG3 supermini joined the range in 2013, alongside the big M... read more....
Ford Fiesta concepts

Picture of the day: Ford Fiesta concepts

The Ford Fiesta was a later-comer to the supermini party, but that didn't stop it becoming a runaway success. Since it was first introduced in 1976 over 16 million have rolled off Ford's production lines around the world. The UK accounts for around a quarte... read more....
Driven: Volvo V60

On Test: Volvo V60 D3

It's a good looking thing, the Volvo V60. Especially in bright Passion Red and R Design trim, with its subtle bodykit and dark, 18-inch wheels. But the V60 is an estate, and a Volvo estate at that. And a pre... read more....
Hyundai i10 ice cream van

Picture of the day: Hyundai i10 ice cream van

How do you promote that your tiny new car has aircon? Turn it into an ice cream van, of course! The Hyundai i10 city car was launched in the UK in 2008. Notably, even then, every model in the range came with aircon as standard. Clearly, someone in Hyunda... read more....
Driven: SEAT Leon SC TDi FR

On Test: SEAT Leon SC TDi FR

The term 'diesel hot hatch' is surely one of the biggest oxymorons in motoring. Up there with 'sports SUV'. The two things just aren't compatible. Hot hatches are fun and playful; diesels aren't that. But in... read more....