Graham King discusses motors from the Only Motors office

HTS Fiat 500X

How to spec: Fiat 500X

We saw earlier today that Fiat's Mopar accessories division has launched a plethora of goodies for the Fiat 500X crossover. In the interests of *ahem* research, I immediately went to the Fiat website to scru... read more....
Driven: Mitsubishi L200

On Test: Mitsubishi L200 2.4Di-D

Watch the video review here Deluxe-spec, crew cab pick-up trucks seem to be a minor obsession in the UK. Seems like every builder, landscaper, farmer and weekend adventurer has one. The old Mitsubishi L200 was the best-selling such pick-up by some margin, Mi... read more....
Soybean car

Picture of The Day: The Soybean Car

Henry Ford was one of the most progressive industrialists in history (we'll leave his personal qualities out of the equation, here). As the Forties dawned he saw a need to better integrate industry and agricult... read more....

On Test: Renault Zoe ZE

In recent years Renault have had their hands in the zero emissions car market with the Kangoo ZE and Fleuence ZE, though they both didn't sell particularly well due to the electric car market conditions. The Re... read more....
Driven: Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost

On Test: Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost

Watch the video review here Ford has one of the strongest line-ups of any car manufacturer. With maybe one or two exceptions, every car it makes is either at or very near the top of its class. And yet that fact seems to fly under the radar. Perhaps it's thei... read more....
PoTD: Peugeot Spider racer

Picture of The Day: Peugeot Spider

Bit of a head scratcher, this one. It looks a bit like a common or garden Peugeot 207 hatchback, but it appears to be a proper prototype racing car, as well. It's actually a bit of both. Peugeot launched in ... read more....
PoTD: Koenig BMW 6-Series

Picture of The Day: Koenig BMW 6-Series

There are bodykits and there are bodykits. Then there are Koenig bodykits. German entrepreneur Willy Koenig was a keen racer, but he eventually got fed with Ford GT40s, Porsches and Abarths, and decided to t... read more....