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Only Motors gave Tall Tim a BMW 535d to review. Now, this might seem strange given that he can’t drive and knows nothing about cars. But Tim is an innovator who doesn’t let minor inconveniences like not being able to drive and knowing nothing about cars stop him from getting the job done.

So he found a driver and put out an appeal on Twitter for people to send him questions about the car he could answer. And against the odds, he has done the most comprehensive review of a BMW 535d there has ever been. Possibly the most comprehensive review of any car there has ever been.

On Test: BMW 535d
Handling & Ride79%
Space & Safety81%
Value for Money74%
The Positives
  • Hugely fast
  • Decent economy
  • Lots of space
The Negatives
  • Very big
  • Bit of a boat to drive
  • On the pricey side
80%Overall Score
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