The most crashable car abroad is….

BMW crash

IF you’re plotting to drive your BMW to France for a summer holiday – maybe you should change your plans.

In new research released this week it has been found that BMW drivers are the most likely to crash on trips abroad.

A survey of claims found that BMW drivers made the most, with 11 per cent of all crashes abroad involving a Brit at the wheel.

The research was done to highlight a 160 per cent rise in the number of Britons claiming on their insurance after car accidents in Europe over the past five years.

BMWs made up 11 per cent of all claims followed by Volkswagens and Audis at 9 per cent, Fords with 8 per cent and Mercedes in fifth place on 7 per cent.

The research by Admiral Insurance also found that the majority of accidents took place in France, with 47 per cent of claims by Brits over the past 10 years taking place in France.

BMW in Paris
BMW in Paris

Germany was in second spot, with 9 per cent of claims, followed by Spain (7 per cent) and Italy, Belgium and Poland, all with 4 per cent.

Brits were responsible for 51 per cent of all the accidents dealt with by Admiral, with 49 per cent ‘locals’.

Lorna Connelly, head of Claims at Admiral, said: “Driving abroad is a great way to have the freedom to explore new places, without the cost of flights.

“There’s no reason it shouldn’t be a really enjoyable experience, but just as accidents can happen at home, they can happen abroad too, and different laws and languages can cause additional stress.

“To ensure an accident doesn’t ruin your holiday we’re calling on all drivers to make sure they’re well informed, so if the worst should happen, they are properly prepared.

“You can do this by having the right documentation on you, by being aware of the rules of the road in the country you’re visiting and finally by knowing what to do and where to report details of any accidents.”

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