Last week, we introduced you to the world of BMW Films, a project that while now well over a decade old, still holds up against modern motoring cinematography. ¬†As we mentioned, each film was given unlimited access to BMW’s garage, a hefty budget and of course, Clive Owen as ‘The Driver’. Last week you saw Star. Now it;s time for Hostage.

Hostage situation

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Our Clive is on the hunt for a woman who’s been kidnapped by a madman. He leaves nothing but odd clues as to her whereabouts. He also can’t be bought – this is personal, so money has no place. It’s a short film, but with John Woo at the helm, it’s incredibly dramatic. It’s also a good way to remember the now discontinued Z4. Oh, and there are some good jumps, too.

We’ll have another film for you next week!