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BMW i Vision Dynamics

A VISION of sheer beauty.

BMW are clearly charging ahead with electric models at the Frankfurt Motor Show with several unveilings today.

Both the new i3 and i3s variants were there as was the new Electric Mini which was revealed last week.

However the real showstopper was this BMW i Vision Dynamics, which was previously thought to be called the i5.

This car sits between the compact i3 and i8 hybrid supercar in BMW’s ‘i’ range.

The electric coupe is sleek and sharp with smooth curves across the body but an aggressive and dynamic presence.

It features a modified version of the grille seen on the new X7 iPerformance, which is perhaps the only thing that is spoiling the new car’s design.

BMW i Vision Dynamics
BMW i Vision Dynamics

The car features classic BMW proportions; a long wheelbase, flowing roofing and short overhangs

A highlight is the uninterrupted glass roof that runs stretches from the front windscreen to the boot lid offering same and light inside the cabin.

Slim LED headlights flank the closed kindly grille on either side and look to be sharing the same design language as the new X7 and Z4.

BMW said at the event that the car will enter production but details of when are currently unknown.

What we do know, however, is that the vehicle will be rapid.

It can hit 62mph in under four seconds and has a top speed of 124mph.

BMW i Vision Dynamics
BMW i Vision Dynamics

Most impressive of all is the car’s range which BMW claims will be around 600km (372 miles) which is greater than the Tesla Model S.

No details about the car’s electric powertrain have been revealed yet and nor has the car’s price.

At the event CEO Harald Krüger conformed that by 2025 BMW will have 25 electric models in its range with up to 12 of them being full electric.

If they start to all look like this, keep ‘em coming Beemer!

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