BMW i8 on sale for $13,000

“That can’t be right,” you’re surely thinking. After all, a brand-new BMW i8 costs £95,000 and the cheapest second-hand ones are go for around £85,000.

But there is an actual, real, 2014 i8 on sale right now in Nashville, Tennessee for $13,000 (£8,500). But, inevitably, there is a catch. Quite a big one, if we’re honest.

The Craig’s List advert doesn’t say exactly what happened to this particular i8, but going by the state it’s in, it was stood in a garage that burned down.

According to the ad, the doors and rear wheels are fine – if a little scorched – as are the rear suspension, subframe and brake calipers; the engine, gearbox and batteries and the carbonfibre chassis tub.

So there’s enough there to build some sort of custom special, albeit with a lot of work and imagination. Wonder if anyone out there is up for the challenge?

By Only Motors

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