BMW launches DriveNow car sharing scheme

Car sharing is at the forefront of (awful term) urban mobility solutions. BMW is getting in on the act, launching its DriveNow scheme in London.

BMW claims the service offers greater flexibility than others, with no fixed pick up or drop off points. You simply find the nearest one via the app, open with your customer card and away you go.

Registration costs £29, with a per-minute charge of 39bhp, capped at £20 per hour. Eventually a fleet of 300 1-Series’, Minis and i3s will be available across London, though for now 210 cars are stationed in Islington, Hackney and Haringey.

Joseph Seal-Driver, UK Head of DriveNow comments:  ‘Car sharing has really begun to capture Londoners’ imaginations but it’s still a fairly niche service. Londoners have told us that current services don’t reflect how they live and move.

“Our goal is that DriveNow’s introduction of a location and booking free, drive-by-the-minute, park anywhere service will act as the tipping point in transforming car sharing into a mainstream mobility choice for Londoners, he added”

DriveNow already runs in several German cities, as well as Vienna and Sam Francisco, with a claimed 360,000 users every month.

We wonder if you’d be allowed to drive one of the cars from London to Germany?

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