BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

The last time we won something, we couldn’t even get out Mum to put a certificate on the fridge. WE SWAM IN OUR PYJAMAS, MUM. WE RESCUED A BRICK! For DTM wheel-man, Marco Wittmann, however, things are somewhat different. After securing yet another DTM driver’s title, BMW very kindly built a car in his honour. You listening, Mum. Marco got a car, get your act together.

The car in question is based on the Mighty BMW M4, though given the DTM link, you’d be correct to assume it’s been breathed on. This isn’t your standard M4, not by a long shot. It’s even a bit more special than the mighty GTS. This is a lightweight, track-focused monster that’s just begging to be given a kicking.

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Marco Wittmann there, looking understandably smug

M4 Champion Edition – All race

So what makes it so special? Yes, it’s got the carbon wings and the BMW M Sport colouring, but that doesn’t equate to any sort of performance upgrade. Thankfully though, there are other bits that do. Namely the weight. After all, a fat race car is a slow race car, so it’s a good job this is a featherweight.

The bonnet, roof, instrument panel support and rear diffuser are all made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). The end silencer of the double-flow sports exhaust system featuring two pairs of tailpipes is made of exceptionally lightweight titanium. Pricey, but light.

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Uff, that’s a mighty machine

M4 Champion Edition – The power

So it’s light, which is good. But is it fast? You betch’a. This sucker is pumping out 500bhp and 600Nm from the straight six. All of which is going to the rear wheels, so it should be a handful, but in a brilliantly BMW way of course. It may be best to make the most of it on a track though, not the M23. Especially with predicted top speed of 190mph.

The engine utilises the water injection system as seen in the GTS version of the car. It allows for cooling of the combusion chambers, which raises the engine’s thermally-related performance limits by 16% in power output compared to the production model. Impressive stuff.

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Got kids? Sell’em

M4 Champion Edition – A nice place to be

Well, it is if you like things racy. And by that, we mean the carbon bucket seats, the harnesses and the alcantara. Not to mention the roll-over hoop that resides where the rear seats would normally live. Though please don’t put it on its roof. That would be all kinds of wrong.

Yes, you could just go out and buy a GTS, but where’s the fun in that? This version is something a little bit more special. It carries the historic BMW Motorsport colours with pride and, thanks to all that engineering, it will be incredible to drive.

If we could, we would. Though considering BMW hasn’t yet said how much the thing is going to cost, we probably won’t be able to!

What do you think?

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