BMW X2…also available in white

BMW X2 concept

THERE’S billions of pounds swilling around in car firms.

Yet they still can’t find someone to do a decent camouflage design for their concepts.

What are they thinking of?

Inside BMW’s big chief’s office: “Right so we have the new model we have spent trillions on to produce and we hope will sell in the thousands. How will we disguise it while testing it?”

Designer: “Well boss, we’ve given it a camouflage to make it look as God awful ugly we can make it.”

Big Chief: “Great idea.”

Anyway, underneath this paintjob like Jonathan Ross’ worst suit, is the new BMW X2.

BMW X2 concept
BMW X2 concept

Apparently the camo design is based on a digital look to fit in with its “future environment” in urban city areas.

Curiously that means that this small SUV is not remotely designed for the rough stuff, just for the school run and parking outside Asda.

Of course all the big firms are shooting out baby SUVs quicker than Katie Price and Kerry Katona shoot out real babies.

Sales are flying for the fake 4x4s and this X2 is likely to be another massive hit for BMW.

Just maybe not in an orange camo paintjob, chaps.

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