Beemer back with Z4 screamer

New BMW Z4 concept

BMW like to play it safe.

They’ve been rolling out Russian doll-esque models for some time now.

Their designs are winners, they sell by the bucketload. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And who can blame them?

But suddenly out of the blue, here’s a sign that their designers can be let off the leash.

This is the new Z4 Concept unveiled today at the ultra-swanky Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach – and it’s a Z-banger.

It’s got more slashes than a Guns n’ Roses gig and boy is this a roadster truly Knockin’ On Heavens Door.

New BMW Z4 concept
New BMW Z4 concept

BMW have gone done the sci-fi route with pure aggression, replacing bland with belter.

There’s slashes and crisp creases in the bonnet, ‘Air Breathers’ behind the front wheels and LED taillights that wrap right around the rear give it real road presence.

It’s only concept so it’ll probably lose a bit of the show-off unveiling glitz, but more or less, this is the final car.

No word on whether it’ll keep the current Z4’s heavy folding tin top, or return to the Z3’s canvas. Let’s hope it’s the latter for several reasons.

This car has been co-developed with the new (coupe-only) Toyota Supra, also due on sale in 2018, and both cars will share hybrid technology.

New BMW Z4 concept
New BMW Z4 concept

It’s rumoured that both BMW and Toyota will deploy a petrol-electric version using BMW’s four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with electric motors on the front axle.

On the inside there’s nothing overly unusual but the way the digital instrument cluster and central screen butt up against each other, giving you options to place vital information wherever you feel most comfortable with it, is a quality touch.

Z4 just became Z phwoar again…

Phil Lanning

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