Bonkers AC Schnitzer BMW 150d revealed

Someone at AC Schnitzer clearly has a thing about stuffing enormous engines into small cars. Earlier this year, it squeezed the 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, triple-turbo diesel motor from the X5/X6 M50d into a Z4 body. And now it’s pulled the same trick with a 1-Series.

Officially it’s called the ACS1 5.0d, though we think BMW 150d is much catchier. The motor is pretty monstrous to begin with, producing 381bhp and 546lb/ft of torque. But AC Schnitzer has added a few tweaks, taking output up to 394bhp and 590lb/ft. In a car that weighs at least half a ton less than the engine’s usual home.

As you would expect, performance is pretty dramatic. 0-62mph takes a claimed 4.5secs, though more demonstrative is the 50-112mph (80-180kph) time of 7.9secs. That’s a mountainous amount of mid-range grunt.

The car comes with AC Schnitzer wheels and bodykit, which surprisingly doesn’t include any extra air intakes – in such a confined space, the engine must get pretty hot. Brakes and suspension have been upgraded to cope; we suspect the weight of the engine has blunted the handling somewhat.

AC Schnitzer hasn’t indicated if the 150d is a one-off or if it will build a run of them. The aforementioned Z4 5.0d was ostensibly a one-off, but the German-based tuner did say it would build others if someone came along with a big enough cheque. That’s probably the case here. We reckon you would have to cough up somewhere around €90,000 (£63,000).

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