Brabus fettles the Tesla Model S

Some people will be disappointed that the package of upgrades Brabus has put together for the Tesla Model S doesn’t include any more power. But then, with 762bhp and 713lb/ft of torque in Ludicrous Mode, the P90D base car has suitably Brabus-esque performance anyway (0-62mph in 2.8secs, which equates to 1.1g).

Plus, we’re sure Tesla has made it quite hard to hack into its cars’ systems specifically to prevent every Tom, Dick and Harry squeezing more power out of them. By contrast, there’s not much Mercedes can to stop Brabus sticking a bigger turbo on an AMG C63, even if they wanted to.

So, the Brabus Model S is only a cosmetic dress-up job. But, because this is Brabus, it’s been done properly. The bodykit – or aerodynamic enhancements as Brabus would rather you call it – were developed in a wind tunnel and variously deflect air, minimize lift and direct more air to the radiators.

All the extra bits are made from carbonfibre and combine with the all-black colour scheme of the car pictured here to give the Model S a much more menacing look.

The interior has been retrimmed in high quality leather and alcantara, with back-lit sill plates and a bespoke centre console with heating/cooling cup holders and a wireless phone charger.

Brabus hasn’t announced how much the package costs, but we doubt there would be much change from £150,000, including the base car.

Incidentally, if recent rumours are to be believed, Tesla is planning to head off any attempts to tune the Model S by offering a model with a 100kWh power unit. With that much power, it would be fast enough to teleport.

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